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 Executive Coaching for Success

Sharon W. Lovoy, SPHR, has worked one-on-one with managers and executives to identify and resolve issues that impact their ability to be effective leaders and positive role models in the workplace.
The following are examples of situations in which Sharon has provided strategic assistance and facilitated successful conflict resolution.
  •  Long Term Conflicts: A manager and a team of employees whose relationship had deteriorated to the point that an employee told upper management, "If something is not done, workplace violence is going to happen.  That is not a threat.   It is a prediction."  With assistance from Sharon, this team was able to bring a 12 year "war" to an end and build productive  relationships.
  •  Alienation from the Work Force: A top management team in the health industry had alienated their group from the work force and become ineffective in leading the organization.  With assistance, this team was able to reestablish a productive environment by acknowledging the impact of their actions and the numerous interdepartmental conflicts.  They took responsibility for changing behaviors  that kept them from being effective.
  •  Ineffective Leadership: The manager of a group of professionals was an ineffective leader.  Working closely with the manager, Sharon was able to coach this individual to the realization that he/she was the source of the problems within the team.  They developed a plan to overcome each obstacle.  Relationships have been restored to the productive level.
  •  Arrogance Used to Cover Low Self Esteem: A top sales person, called administrative personnel "bugs," yet put on his best face to management.  After individual coaching, he was able to acknowledge that  his arrogance was creating strife and had a negative impact not only him but was damaging others.  By making amends to the clerical staff, he increased his ability to contribute to the organization.
  •  Sexual Harassment: A top facility manager for a major corporation was engaging in sexual harassment.  After coaching, the manager made amends to the employees and has refrained from destructive behaviors.
  •  Poor Image Within the Organization: A manager was using juvenile and inappropriate humor in the workplace. This individual also failed to complete projects and was being shunned by the rest of the organization.  After coaching, this individual was able to retool the work image and was ultimately sought out by four divisions for a promotion.
METHODOLOGY:  The strategy depends on the situation and the individual involved.  Sharon utilizes several tools to assess the full nature of the problem and then designs solutions that are tailored to the situation and the organization's goals. The plan will be developed with client involvement.

Managing Personal Growth (MPG®)
An organization faces many challenges in order to stay profitable, productive, and relevant:  Adapting to change, attracting and maintaining top talent, and clear communications are just a few examples. While the organization is focused on its goals, employees are balancing demands from their personal lives and their professional careers.  If employees' motivation is not in alignment with the needs of the organization, the price can be high.  Literally, getting everyone "on the same page" is critical to the success of the organization as well as that of the employees.
This course is an intensive study of an individual's career with a clear examination of strengths and areas needing improvement. Participants emerge from the course with a clear action plan that involves meeting with their managers to determine "the next critical steps" in improving their work performance.
There are three major MPG® components:
  •  Motivation — Participants determine self-interest by clarifying their personal values and motivators, and then using that information to increase satisfaction in their jobs.  
  • Assessment — Feedback is most useful and least threatening when it's used to help participants prioritize development activities in relation to themselves.
  •  Commitment to Action — MPG® enables participants to rediscover the passion they have toward their profession and their organization, and it helps them become more engaged with and committed to both. 
The MPG® Process:
  •  Preparation — Through self-assessment and feedback, associates and managers complete action steps to define organizational goals, job priorities, critical skills, talents, and development areas. 
  •  MPG® Workshop — Group exercises and discussions help participants become more aware of what motivates them and how they can increase job performance and satisfaction. 
  •  Development Discussion — Associates combine feedback with insights gained during the workshop to plan for the development discussion they will initiate with their manager. 
  •  Development Plan — Based on agreed-upon goals and actions, associates and managers commit to a development plan.
MPG® Outcomes:
  •  Improved retention of the organization's best and brightest 
  •  Increased employee alignment with the organization's vision, strategies, and culture 
  •  More open communication between employees and managers
  •  Increased employee ownership of job satisfaction and career development
  •  Enhancement of existing performance management, career development, and core competency systems
  •  Promotion of a continuous learning and improvement environment.
Course Requirements:
  •  Length of Course: 16 hours that can be facilitated in smaller segments to enable the participants to balance their schedules.  Clients are encouraged to break this module into 3 four hour segments or 2 six hour segments to enable the participants to apply their skills between the sessions. 
  •  Number of Participants: 12-24 are preferred, to enrich the discussion. 
  •  Materials: Materials purchased by Lovoy's Team Works, Inc. (as a certified provider) and billed to the client. Contact us for current price from vendor.