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Sharon W. Lovoy, SPHR

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Sharon continues her work with the Delta Leadership Institute. Delta Regional Authority aided by the University of Mississippi, Arkansas State University, and the University of Louisiana at Monroe are creating great opportunities for leaders who are dealing with tough issues in the poorest areas of the U.S. The participants are emerging with new skills, new relationships, and renewed energy to continue making a difference.
The list of clients who are training their employees and managers in "Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High™ just keeps growing:  


  •  ACIPCO (Made Fortune Magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For" nine years in a row!
  •  ADTRAN, Inc.:  Has made a standard part of the curriculum for all their managers and supervisors.  This is one of the most profitable companies in the state of Alabama
  •  Alabama Department of Finance
  •  Alacare Home Health and Hospice:  All managers have been trained. This is the largest home health care company in Alabama!
  •  Alagasco
  •  American Cancer Society completed training!
  •  AQAF:  All employees and managers completed training! This organization has received a Quality award for excellence
  •  Birmingham Airport Authority
  • Capstone Group, University of Alabama:  Sharon presented along with her strategic business partner, Jim Rowell, training in Crucial   Conversations to several elite companies in the State of Alabama 
  •  City of Foley:  all managers
     Cooperative Home Care
  •  Department of Rehabilitation 
  •  Energen
  •  Harley Davidson  
  •  Health Magazine 
  •  Hunt Refining 
  •  McKee Foods (Little Debbie): included this training as part of the curriculum for their management training group.
  •  Office of the License Commissioner, Tuscaloosa County
  •  Southern Progress: All managers are required to take this class. Open enrollment sessions are offered to all employees.
  •  Synovus and T-Sys
  •  Traxis: Three major corporations who have merged into an organization that is highly profitable.
  •  UAB Hospital Systems:  Now a standard part of their managers' boot camp! 
  •  The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa
  •  Westervelt Corporation: Formerly Gulf States Paper Corporation.  The plant in which all employees were trained went from last in productivity to number one in the corporation!



Client endorsement:


I really appreciate receiving these Crucial Skills instructions – I refer back to them as often as I have similar situations. They are very beneficial! Thanks so much- Barbara Beck ADTRAN, Inc. Customer Care Center Supervisor