The list of clients who are training their employees and managers in "Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High™ just keeps growing:  


  •  ACIPCO (Made Fortune Magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For" nine years in a row!

  •  ADTRAN, Inc.:  Has made a standard part of the curriculum for all their managers and supervisors.  This is one of the most profitable companies in the state of Alabama

  •  Alabama Department of Finance

  •  Alacare Home Health and Hospice:  All managers have been trained. This is the largest home health care company in Alabama!

  •  Alagasco

  •  American Cancer Society completed training!

  •  AQAF:  All employees and managers completed training! This organization has received a Quality award for excellence

  •  Birmingham Airport Authority

  • Capstone Group, University of Alabama:  Sharon presented along with her strategic business partner, Jim Rowell, training in Crucial   Conversations to several elite companies in the State of Alabama 

  •  City of Foley:  all managers


     Cooperative Home Care

  •  Department of Rehabilitation 

  •  Energen

  •  Harley Davidson  

  •  Health Magazine 

  •  Hunt Refining 

  •  McKee Foods (Little Debbie): included this training as part of the curriculum for their management training group.

  •  Office of the License Commissioner, Tuscaloosa County

  •  Southern Progress: All managers are required to take this class. Open enrollment sessions are offered to all employees.

  •  Synovus and T-Sys

  •  Traxis: Three major corporations who have merged into an organization that is highly profitable.

  •  UAB Hospital Systems:  Now a standard part of their managers' boot camp! 

  •  The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa

  •  Westervelt Corporation: Formerly Gulf States Paper Corporation.  The plant in which all employees were trained went from last in productivity to number one in the corporation!



Client endorsement:


I really appreciate receiving these Crucial Skills instructions – I refer back to them as often as I have similar situations. They are very beneficial! Thanks so much- Barbara Beck ADTRAN, Inc. Customer Care Center Supervisor

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